Can I book a slot without making payment?

Registrations must be followed by a valid payment. Any registrations without a valid payment will be automatically cancelled.


How do I make payments?
Payments must be done online upon filling up the registration form. Cash deposit will not be accepted.

Online payment option:

  • Online Banking, via Billplzbillplz banks
  • Debit/Credit Card, via iPay88
    ipay88 bank




My payment failed. What happened?
Failed payments happen due to several reasons such as:

  • Unstable internet connection on user’s side.
  • Blocked site by user’s internet server – most cases with high-security workplace.
  • Problem with user’s Debit/Credit Card – expired card / insufficient funds / credit limit reached / Corporate Credit Card is not allowed by payment gateway.
  • Wrong security code key-ed in

Kindly contact your bank. At the moment, your registration will be considered void.


Upon success of registration, what will I receive?
You will receive the following within 24 hours:

  • A Registration Confirmation – sent from icare@twentyfirstcenturysports.com
  • A Payment Confirmation – sent from your payment channel (card issuing bank, ipay88/mobile88, billplz, fpx, etc)

IF you do not receive the above, please also check your Spam/Junk folder as it might have been filtered by your email server.


Can I Upgrade/Downgrade my distance category?
Please email to icare@twentyfirstcenturysports.com for further enquiry on the matter.


I can’t make it for the run. Can I change my participation to someone else, or, request for a Refund?

Substitution of participants is not allowed. A refund is also not possible. Your entry fees are not transferable to other events.


Can I amend the details in my registration?

A typo in your registration details such as Name, IC, Address, Emergency Contact, etc, can be amended by emailing to icare@twentyfirstcenturysports.com


I lost my Registration/Payment Confirmation(s). How do I go about retrieving it?
Please email to icare@twentyfirstcenturysports.com.




What does a “Race Kit” consists of?
A standard running event “Race Kit” consists of:

  • A Running Apparel
  • A Number Bib
  • Safety Pins

Race Kit contents may vary per event.

Race Kit(s) need to be collected during allocated collection day(s). Please ensure to read the event details before registering for an event.


What do I need to bring?
Please bring over the following:

  • Your Registration Confirmation (compulsory).
  • Your IC/Passport (optional) – just in case further verification is required.
  • Your Payment Confirmation (optional) – just in case further verification is required.
    rkc items


What if I can’t attend the RKC?
Runners who find it hard to attend the RKC due to date unavailability, or, impractical location may opt for the following:

  • Choose Race-Kit Delivery (RKD) service with a minimal delivery fee – Available to major cities around Semenanjung Malaysia, Sabah & Sarawak.
  • Appoint a representative to collect on-behalf.


If I appoint someone to collect for me, what should he/she bring?
Pass him/her a copy of your Registration Confirmation.

The Confirmation Email has a section (at the bottom) that indicates you have authorised another person to retrieve your race kit. Please ensure that the authorised person fills up this section with his/her details.


Can I collect Race Kits in BULK (8 & above)?

There will be a special ‘Bulk Collection’ counter during RKC, which accommodates collection of 8 Race Kits and above only.

You will need to download the (Bulk Collection Form). Fill it up, print it out and bring it to the Bulk counter.


What is Bulk “PRE-PACK” Service?
We will pre-pack race-kits from your Bulk Collection list into a single bag, ready to be collected during Race-Kit Collection(RKC) days.

You will need to download the (Bulk Collection Form) and submit to us via email.

  • Smoother collection process – No standing in queues. A dedicated bulk collection counter will be available.
  • Shorter waiting period – All you need to do is come, verify and bring the race kits home.
  • It’s FREE – just email us.

If you do not take this service, you will need to wait for a much longer period of time for the race-kits to be retrieved individually. You will also need to wait in line for the person before you to clear his/her bulk collection. This may cause discomfort for those with small children or if you are in a hurry.

There is a submission deadline for this “pre-pack” service for each event therefore, please ensure to read the event details as late submissions will not be entertained.


Would it be possible to change the Apparel Size?

Apparel size cannot be changed as it will be allocated based on the size you indicated during your registration. However, there is no guarantee that your selected size will be available during RKC as Apparel sizes will be subject to stock availability.


Can I collect my Race Kit on the event day itself?

except for Foreigners/Outstation participants with valid reason for not being able to attend RKC and have informed us beforehand. Deadline varies per event. Please ensure you read the event details for the stipulated date.


Can I participate without a Race Kit?

In order to run in an event, a Number Bib is COMPULSORY. Therefore, without a number bib you are not a valid runner and will be disqualified. Please ensure to retrieve your race kit before the event day.


Can I retrieve my Race Kit AFTER the event?
We will NOT distribute the Race Kit after the event; non-claimed race kit(s) will be deemed unwanted and will be recycled or donated to charity.



What are the Delivery Fees?
Delivery Fees:

  • Semenanjung Malaysia – RM11.00 per race kit*
  • Sabah & Sarawak – RM25.00 per race kit*
    *Race Kit(s) are charged based on weight. Therefore, IF you have more than 1 race kit to be delivered to a single address, it will still be charged individually.


When can I expect my Race Kit to be delivered?
You can expect to receive your race kit(s) within 2 weeks prior to event date.

Delivery of Race Kit(s) takes place during working hours. Therefore providing an address that has someone to receive the consignment during office hours is the participant’s responsibility. If you are working then you can opt to get the Race Kit delivered to your office address. Neither the organiser and its partners are responsible for inaccurate or impractical delivery address given by a participant. Impractical means an address that has no one to receive the race kit which is delivered during office hours.

You can check on your delivery status by emailing to icare@twentyfirstcenturysports.com.


Can I have my Race Kit(s) delivered outside of Malaysia?
For delivery enquiry outside of Malaysia, please email to icare@twentyfirstcenturysports.com.